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Mark-eting Suckerberg

Facebook. It's changing. It's always changing. So does that mean we need to change how we use it in our businesses? Do we even need to use it at all? Let's discuss. Enjoy!

The Structure Crux

Structuring an online business. That's what we're talking about. Ya know? LLCs, S-corps, C-corps; stuff like that. Pretty straightforward. Enjoy!

Remote Control

Sometimes when you run an online business, you need to work remotely. What's the best gear? How do we work remotely and still get things done? We'll tell you. In fact, I'm working remotely in this episode, hence the topic. Enjoy!

A Physical Product with Caleb Wojcik

We talk to Caleb Wojcik about how he and Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income are creating and launching a physical product this year. They built a tripod for vloggers called SwitchPod. Enjoy!

Howdy Partnership

We might be entering a legit business partnership...again. Ut oh! What does that mean? Is that stupid? Is that smart? We have an honest conversation about what a new partnership would look like and if it makes sense. Enjoy!

The Podcast Marketing Burst Recap

31 episodes are in the bag! Thanks for following along with us. Did we grow? Listen and find out. Enjoy!

The Obvious Income Source I’ve Been Ignoring for Years

What is it! Just tell us! Do we have to listen? Yes. You do. I also wrote an article about it, but listening about making money is more fun. Don't ya think? Enjoy!

5 Questions: SEO, Conferences, and Hiring a Team

You love it, we love it! It's 5 listener questions. Actually, there are 8 of them this time. But 3 of them are similar. Just listen. Enjoy!

How and When to Hire a Team

Having good, talented people around you will help you build a business faster. That's true. But it's also not true sometimes. When times? We'll talk about it. Enjoy!

Must-Have Gear For Making Great Videos

We all want to make great videos. But what does it take? What equipment do you need? What equipment do you don't need do da do da day? Who knows? We do. Let's talk about it. Enjoy!

How To Increase Your Page Speed

Your website needs to be super freaking fast. That's what we're diving into on this episode. Everyone's a wiener!

The Truth About Building a Software-Based Business

You can't handle the truth about building a software-based business! Can you? Oh, you can? Good because Demi and Tom won't' save you from this episode about software. Maybe they will. I love you. Enjoy!

Pricing Online Products and Sponsorship Deals

Pricing your online products is arbitrary and hard to do. What do you charge? Is it too much, too little, just right? How hot is that porage, Goldilocks? We talk about all that. Except for the Goldilocks analogy. We don't mention that at all. You're welcome. Enjoy!

How I Created Two eBooks That Earn $54,603 a Year

I got an email from another Andrew asking me about my eBook revenue stream. They wanted to know more about how I made the products and how it sold. So I talk about that. Enjoy!

5 Questions: Imposter Syndrome, Will it Fly, and Time Blocking

We take five listener questions and really dive deep with our answers on this one. Dealing with imposter syndrome, how to test a business idea before you invest time into it, and how we block our days. Enjoy!

The Social Media Marketing Paradox

The basic question we're trying to get to the bottom of here is, "should we invest in social media marketing to grow our business?" It's not that black and white. Every brand has different needs. We discuss this paradox we face as online business owners. Enjoy!

Prioritizing Projects and What To Do Next In Your Business

We all struggle in our business when we don't know how to prioritize or don't know what to do next, right? Right. Well, Andrew and I talk about the many ways we filter ideas and pick the project to work on next. And we also talk about the dumb mistakes we made in the process. We all make them. Enjoy!

Making Videos for Profit with Thomas Frank from College Info Geek

Thomas is back on the show talking about YouTube videos. But this time, we're talking about money. How do you make money with YouTube videos? How are others making that sweet, sweet YouTube coin? Find out and enjoy!

Our Favorite Travel Gear for Business

I don't always travel, but when I do, these are the things I carry with me. Also, the things that Andrew carries, too. We travel a lot of business and this ep is filled with our must-have travel supplies. Enjoy!

Building a Hyper Focused YouTube Channel with Chase Reeves from The Fizzle Show

We got Chase Reeves on the show talking about his newish YouTube channel that is blowing up! It's very unique, a cross between deep life chats and...bag reviews. Yup. Who knew?! He talks about that, how he makes money on it, and his departure from Fizzle. Enjoy!

Building Fool-Proof Systems For Business Growth

We believe in systems, not goals. Systems are what we use to grow our business. What we use to scale. And in this episode, I Andrew and I dive into our process for building systems that you can use for your biz, dawg. Enjoy!

5 Questions: Money, Goals, and Spreading The Word

Oh yea, another 5 listener questions, coming at you! We talk mostly about setting goals. Do we set goals? Is it worth it? Does it work? You'll have to listen to get answers to these questions and more. I love you. Enjoy!

Create Content That Stands The Test of Time

Ok, you're a fly on the wall in this episode. Don't worry, you don't have to know, what flies eat. Or for that matter, what Jeff Goldblum eats. Probably pears. That's my guess. Anyway, I digress. This episode, Andrew and I have an off-the-record conversation about getting back to basics. Getting back to the things that made us successful: content creation. We discuss a future in which all we did was create content and software and nothing else. No more Mr. Manager. No more teachers. No more books. What the heck am I talking about? Who cares, just listen. Enjoy!

Our Favorite Business Books (2018 Edition)

Who doesn't like books? Business books? Yea, we read them. They make us think. They inspire. They keep us up at night. They derail us. But more importantly, they're awesome. And boy, do we have some good recommendations for you this time. Andrew and I dive into our 11 favorite business books of ALL TIME! Enjoy.

How to Deal with Haters and Handling Criticism

Haters gonna hate. At least that's what I heard. Still hard to deal with though. They're out there. They're being mean. You can have a thick skin, but that's BS. We talk about handling the hate and dealing with the criticism that comes at people who do things in public on the internet. Here we go. Enjoy!

Selling Sponsorships and Advertising on Podcasts and Websites

Here we go, talking about advertising. Making money. Making deals. Cashing checks. Breaking necks. Next? It's this episode filled with information about how Andrew and I sell sponsorships on our podcasts (so meta, bro). And how I sold sponsorship deals on my pool website. Enjoy!

The Art of Buying and Selling Websites with Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits

Thinking about what it takes to sell a website? Perhaps you're looking to buy and flip a site. Or just buy a site. Or cry in a fight. Or lie a flight. Ok, I've lost my train of thought here. The point is, this episode is all about buying and selling websites for profit. Let's do this! Enjoy!

What It's Really Like to Sell a Wordpress Plugin with Dustin Stout of Social Warfare

Any interest in creating and selling a Wordpress plugin? Andrew and I both created plugins and want to know what the real scoop is in selling them. Is it hard? Is it profitable? Can I screw it up? All of these questions and more with someone who took the leap and created his own plugin with a group of friends that's extremely successful. Enjoy!

5 Questions: Setbacks, Focusing, and Morning Routines

A new themed episode where we answer 5 listener questions totally off-the-cuff. These questions are sent in from our listeners and we read them verbatim and answer them with honesty. Look out for more of these episodes in the future. This is an idea we pilfered from our other podcast, Listen Money Matters. Enjoy!

Working in Isolation

It can get pretty lonely being a solopreneur who works from home. We know, we both live this type of life. There are struggles we have to deal with. Consequences we have to face. And Andrew and I talk about these personal issues and triumphs when it comes to working alone. Enjoy!

Wordpress Plugins We Cannot Do Business Without

It's no secret that we run our businesses from Wordpress powered websites. And in order to operate those sites, we need great plugins to help us grow. In this episode, Andrew and I list our favorite and must-have Wordpress plugins. Enjoy!

Conferences: Attend, Skip, or Sneak In?

It's hard to say whether or not attending conferences can help your business. At least that's what Andrew and I think. But that doesn't mean we don't attend. We just think there are other ways to get value out of a conference and that's what we uncover in this episode. Enjoy!

How to Be a Boss That Doesn't Suck

Are you a boss? Do you know what your team members think of you? Are you trying not to suck and have everyone in your company think you're a d-bag? Well, I hope so. Andrew and I talk about what we think being a boss that doesn't suck is all about. Enjoy!

The Best Tools for Productivity

There's no shortage of tools to help you be more productive in online business. That said, there are better tools than others and we want to talk about them and how we use them. So that's what this episode is about. Enjoy!

The Art of Passion Mashin’

What the heck is "passion mashin'?" Well, for starters, it's a word I totally made up. But it's about combining two skills or passions in your life to create unique businesses or opportunities to grow your business. Both Andrew and I have practiced passion mashin' without even knowing it. So if you now know what it is, how can you practice to your advantage? Enjoy!

Building an Online Product in 7 Days

It took me just 7 days to make an online product and I'm not talking about a "Minimum Viable Product" either. I'm talking a full-blown, balls-to-the-wall, product. And I've done this twice. Andrew and I break down my entire process for building a product in a very short period of time. Enjoy!

Scaling Up Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative or a royal pain in the tuckus. But if you practice the art of honesty, transparency, and employ some excellent secrets we reveal in the show, you can nail it before you scale it. Then, you'll be sitting in the catbird seat, higgledy-piggledy. Enjoy!

How To Perform An Effective Content Audit to Improve Search Traffic

What if I said you could triple your website traffic by deleting a third of your content? That's what Todd Tressider and Pat Flynn taught me, so I put it to the test. Andrew and I discuss the merits of doing a content audit on your site and what that can do to improve your website traffic. Enjoy!


Are you a rule breaker? Do you blindly follow the pack? Would you jump off a bridge if I told you to? This is an episode about not listening to us...or anyone. Instead of practicing hero worship, look towards yourself. Stop taking advice from others and trust your gut when it comes to your own business. Everything is an experiment. And nobody has a secret sauce to help you with your business. Just because someone is giving you advice, doesn’t mean they’re right. Listen to yourself. Trust the numbers. Do what works for you and your business. What works for you might not work for someone else. That's what Andrew and I are discussing on this episode. Enjoy!

Managing Money In Your Online Business

What's in your wallet? Money? Good. That's where money should go. But when it comes to running an online business, the rules for managing your money are a little different. Andrew and I talk about how we manage our business finances with the right tools and the right team members. 3njoy!

Slow Burnout: What Are The Signs and How to Avoid It

Burnout! It's real. It's dangerous. It's Chronic. So Andrew and I discuss what it is and how to avoid it when working for yourself. We also share our own personal stories of dealing with burnout. Slow burn and enjoy!

Podcasting Gear for Serious Podcasters

WARNING: This episode is a deep-dive on podcasting gear and equipment that we use. It gets very technical and nerdy. If you're interested in podcasting for serious, then you'll love it. Otherwise, it might be crazy boring. Just thought I'd let you know in advance. Enjoy!

How and When to Finally Quit Your Day Job

Andrew and I talk about the entire three-year journey of him quitting his day job and working on his online business full time. We discuss everything that went through his head and what it took financially when he decided to quit his well-paying job in New York City. Enjoy!

The Definitive Guide to Podcast Marketing

Andrew and I talk about how we cracked the top 100 podcasts on iTunes in less than a year on our first podcast together. We review my massive article on the subject and distill it down to the 5 best tips, tactics, and ball-busting work it takes to run a successful podcast promotion campaign. Enjoy!

Loose Grips Sink Business Partnerships

Andrew and I talk about our failed partnership and business break up. Then, we discuss other partnerships we had that worked and debate the best way to structure a successful one that'll stand the test of time. Enjoy!

How and Why I Sold My Website (And Should You Too?)

Andrew and I chat about my experience and the decision to sell my two-year-old coffee website. Why did I do it? How did I do it? Should I have even done it? Should you sell your website, too? All of that and more in this episode. Enjoy!

The 5 Most Important SEO Tactics with Andrew Fiebert from Listen Money Matters

Andrew Fiebert and I talk about what we believe is the 5 most important things to focus on when it comes to SEO. Once we decide, then we rank them in order of great importance. Then, we edited and uploaded this episode – that's what makes it PREMIUM CONTENT. All killer, no filler. I love you. Enjoy!

Business Advice That Works for Everyone with Barron Cuadro from Effortless Gent

Barron Cuadro and I talk about the advice we'd been given over the last 10 years on how to grow our niche websites from outside experts and other's success stories. We commiserate over the trial and tribulations of trying every tactic under the sun for extreme business growth. Enjoy!

Long-Form Content For Long-Term Growth with Michelle Lowery

Michelle Lowery and I talk about the importance of writing and editing long-form content for growing your online business. And why trying to constantly "go viral" is a fool's errand for long-term success. Enjoy!

There's Always Money In The Banana Stand

Stephanie Halligan and I talk about dealing with and spending money as an entrepreneur. We share stories on how we started working for ourselves and what changed in our personal finance habits along the way. Enjoy!

How to Win Friends and Internet People with Nathaniel Boyle from The Travelers

Nathaniel Boyle and I talk about how we became #IRL friends through the Internet. And how we continue to develop REAL close relationships using the true power of social media (and what it was intended for). Enjoy!

Managing Mental Health While Working For Yourself with Justin Jackson From MegaMaker

Justin Jackson and I discuss the pros and cons of being a full-time indie entrepreneur. And managing your mental health while working for yourself. Enjoy!

Lifestyles of the Niche and Shameless with Corbett Barr from The Fizzle Show

Corbett Barr and I talk the differences between lifestyle businesses and other types. We gab about running our own lifestyle businesses and what makes it special...or not. Enjoy!

An Untapped Treasure Trove of Content Ideas with Sean Olge from Location Rebel

Sean Ogle and I talk about the strategies we use to keep an endlessly moist supply of blog and video topics flowing on our hobby sites. Enjoy!

Writing Words On The Internet with Zachary Sexton from Able Business Radio

Zack Sexton and I write words on the Internet. Meaning, we publish articles on our own websites. And we talk about how we write, what we use to write, and publishing often. Words are the most important online asset. Don't you agree? Enjoy!

What It's Really Like to Work From Home with Stephanie Halligan

Stephanie Halligan and I talk about working from home, productivity when no one's pushing, and taking care of yourself, physically and emotionally (that's Steph's dept.). And you can learn more by watching the smash music video, "Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign" by Fifth Harmony. Enjoy!

Do You YouTube, Dude? with Thomas Frank from College Info Geek

Thomas Frank and I discuss scripting, filming, and editing your own high-quality videos. We talk about the business of "YouTubbing," which I'm pretty sure is a word. Either way, it is now. Enjoy!

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